What strawberries can bearded dragons eat?

Bearded dragons will sometimes take little bites out of a whole strawberry, which is typically safe as long as you are supervising. You can also chop the strawberry into small pieces and place them in your beardie’s food dish alone or with veggies or other fruits.

What part of a strawberry Can a bearded dragon eat?

The seeds in strawberries are perfectly safe, and you don’t need to take them out or scrape them off before feeding time. Strawberry seeds are very tiny, so they won’t get stuck in your beardie’s digestive tract or lead to health complications (it’s not uncommon to see some in their poop).

How many strawberries can a bearded dragon eat?

A general rule is to feed a fully grown bearded dragon one whole strawberry of small size, the top leaf part is safe to feed as well. For younger and growing bearded dragons, you should ideally feed half a strawberry. A baby bearded dragon can have a quarter of the strawberry and some leaves from the top part.

Can bearded dragons eat blueberry?

Like strawberries, apples, and grapes, blueberries are one of the safer fruits for bearded dragons. In fact, although fruit should only play a small role in their diet, bearded dragons can have a few blueberries once a week.

What type of fruit can a bearded dragon eat?

What fruit can Bearded Dragons eat?

  • Figs.
  • Watermelon.
  • Apples.
  • Mango.
  • Papaya.
  • Dates.
  • Peaches.
  • Apricots.

Can bearded dragons have raspberries?

Pro Tip: Bearded dragons love raspberries and can get very excited to eat them! To avoid being bitten, don’t hand-feed these berries to your pet. After feeding the berries, be sure to remove any leftover fruit promptly so it doesn’t rot in your beardie’s terrarium.

Will bearded dragons eat cucumbers?

Bearded dragons can have cucumbers every other week or so.

96% water, making it a great source of hydration especially if your bearded dragon is dehydrated. Fiber, which prevents constipation. Vitamin C, which fortifies your dragon’s immune system, vision, reproduction, and growth.

What fruit do water dragons eat?

Produce — blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, figs, collard greens, sweet potato, carrots, and green beans. Other tasty treats — small feeder fish, newborn mice (pinkie mice), and fuzzie mice (juvenile mice)

Can bearded dragons have watermelon?

Can bearded dragons eat watermelon? Bearded dragons can eat watermelon rarely, as a treat. Watermelon in particular is not very nutrient dense for dragons, so it’s less beneficial than some other fruits that offer a little more substance.

Can bearded dragons eat asparagus?

There are a handful of vegetables that are considered safe for your bearded dragon to eat including, bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, celery, kale, and asparagus. … Bearded dragons will also eat fruits like apples, strawberries, watermelon, and peaches.

Can bearded dragons eat brussel sprouts?

Brussel Sprouts are not toxic to beardies. This means that they can eat at least a small amount without it causing them to become ill, or worse. Sprouts are loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals, that are good for your lizard.

What fruit can bearded dragons eat daily?

The following list of insects, vegetables and fruits are good choices to include in your bearded dragon’s diet: Dubia roaches, earthworms, crickets and superworms. Apples, blueberries, peaches, strawberries and watermelon.

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What should a bearded dragon eat daily?

Protein: Bearded dragons enjoy live mealworms, waxworms and crickets that have been “gut loaded,” which means fed lizard-friendly vitamins and nutrients. Young beardies should eat once a day, adults may only need to dine every two days. If beardies don’t finish their entire meal, try feeding them less next time.

Can bearded dragons eat radicchio?

Endive (escarole) (has a 1.9:1 calcium to phos. ratio) Radicchio.

Can bearded dragons have mango?

Although mango peel is nutritious, it’s often too rough for bearded dragons, so it’s best to play it safe and remove it from the mango before offering the fruit to your beardie. … You can serve mango pieces alone or in a salad, maybe with some kale or strawberries—your bearded dragon will love eating mango either way!

Can bearded dragons eat kiwi?

With that being said, bearded dragons can eat kiwi safely as long as it’s only once or twice a month. It’s a wonderful treat for them, but like any treat, too much of a good thing is simply that: too much. … Kiwi is a highly nutritional fruit that can benefit your dragon in many ways.

Can bearded dragons have tomatoes?

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, tomatoes are a healthy and delicious addition to any salad or taco. … Can bearded dragons eat tomatoes? As is the case for many fruits, the answer is qualified. Yes, bearded dragons can safely eat tomatoes…but only a small amount served once a month.

Can bearded dragons have cauliflower?

Cauliflower is safe to feed bearded dragons as long as they are only fed between 6-10 grams a month. This is not very much, but there are a few reasons we recommend keeping it in such a small amount. The nutritional needs for bearded dragons are not the same as ours.

Can bearded dragons eat potatoes?

Summary. Potatoes are not fit for beardies. Although they might not harm if eaten occasionally, they shouldn’t be your bearded dragon’s staple foods because they lack the vital nutrients for your pet’s well-being.

Can bearded dragons eat raisins?

Yes. Bearded dragons can safely eat raisins without any fear of toxicity. … As you soon find out, raisins aren’t the greatest of foods for your beardie. When consumed in mass quantities or very regularly, raisins can harm your lizard’s diet and health.

Can water dragons eat chicken?

While your Chinese water dragons can eat eggs, it’s rather high in cholesterol and fat (yolk). You can offer a small chicken or quail egg few times a year, but only as a treat.

Do water dragons eat frogs?

As fierce as they may seem, Eastern Water Dragons are usually shy animals. They are active during both the day and night time when they hunt for insects, frogs, yabbies and water insects. Eastern Water Dragons sometimes eat vegetation, fruit and berries as well.

Can water dragons eat banana?

Fruit and vegetables make up an important part of a balanced diet for dragons. Fruit and vegetables should be soft (i.e. avoid apple) and chopped small enough so that it is easy to consume. Some favourite fruits include banana, strawberry, mango, raspberries and blueberries.

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Can Beardies eat pineapple?

Pineapple is an undeniably healthy and refreshing fruit for us people and our bearded dragons, although we can eat it on a daily basis while bearded dragons can safely eat pineapple once or twice a month.

Can bearded dragons eat zucchini?

Bearded dragons can eat raw zucchini. Although you can serve them cooked food, bearded dragons really do not need to eat cooked zucchini, since cooking does deplete the already relatively low nutritional value. Plus, out in the wild bearded dragons would be eating raw vegetation anyway, so they are used to it.

Can bearded dragons eat squash?

Bearded dragons need a variety of greens and vegetables, and it’s important to know which ones are safe. … Bearded Dragons eat: Greens such as kale, arugula, mustard greens, collard greens, and endive. Squash of all kinds: Acorn squash, butternut squash, yellow squash, and spaghetti squash.

Can bearded dragons eat radishes?

Are Radishes Good For My Bearded Dragon? Yes, there are plenty of nutritional benefits your bearded dragon will receive from eating radishes. It will get even more nutrition from eating the leaves and stems, and your pet will enjoy them just as much.

Can bearded dragon eat pinkies?

Yes, depending on the age of the dragon. This makes the mouse easily digested by adult bearded dragons, baby dragons should not have pinkies since they are too large, and they can lead to impaction. … As pinkies age, they start to grow and are called “fuzzies”.

What veggies can bearded dragons eat every day?

Daily Staple Greens for Bearded Dragons:

  • Cactus pad, or prickly pear (2.3 to 1). This desert delicacy is high in calcium and rich in antioxidants, fiber, and Vitamin C. …
  • Collard greens (14.5 to 1). …
  • Dandelion leaves (2.8 to 1). …
  • Endive or escarole (1.9 to 1). …
  • Mustard greens (2.4 to 1). …
  • Turnip greens (4.5 to 1).

Can bearded dragons have kohlrabi?

Acceptable vegetables that should represent a high percentage of the diet include collard greens, beet greens, mustard greens, broccoli, turnip greens, alfalfa hay or chow, bok choy, kale, parsley, Swiss chard, watercress, clover, red or green cabbage, savory, cilantro, kohlrabi, bell peppers, green beans, escarole, …

Can Beardies eat carrots?

Bearded dragons can eat carrots once or twice a week, but not every day. Carrots aren’t on the menu in bearded dragons’ natural habitat (Australian deserts), but they do offer some great nutritional benefits: Vitamin A and beta carotene, which promote healthy skin, a healthy immune system, and good vision.

Can bearded dragons eat snow peas?

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas? Considering their oxalates and phosphorus content in light of their nutritional benefits, green peas, snap peas, and snow peas should be perfectly fine for your dragon every other week.

How often do bearded dragons poop?

Juveniles usually will poop every day or two. Adult bearded dragons, which is generally considered over the age of 18 months, can poop anywhere from daily to weekly. How often adult beardies poop is dependent on their diet, their activity level, and how their body processes food.

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What do bearded dragons like to play with?

Different Toys For Bearded Dragons

  • Hides. Hides might not look like toys in the traditional sense, but in the eyes of a bearded dragon it’s a wonderful new space to explore! …
  • Cat Toys. Cat wands and teaser toys are excellent for bearded dragons! …
  • Play Ball. …
  • Floaties. …
  • Crinkle Ball. …
  • Hammock. …
  • Tunnels. …
  • Mirror.

Can bearded dragons eat eggs?

Bearded dragons can safely eat scrambled eggs.

They can also eat hard boiled eggs. … Adult bearded dragons should eat no more than half an egg at a time, max. If you’re scrambling the egg, don’t mix any additional ingredients with it.

How long can a bearded dragon go without eating?

What is this? Mature dragons with plenty of fat stores and weight to lose, can go up to 2 months without food, although this is NOT encouraged. On the other hand, juveniles who are rapidly growing and stop eating, should be a cause for some concern as they need protein to grow up healthy and strong.

What do bearded dragons do all day?

Unlike lizards who are active at night, bearded dragons are awake during the day. They often like to climb branches and sit on logs to bask in the sun. As a result, they make great pets for people who want to interact with their pets during waking hours.

How do you bathe a bearded dragon?

The BEST Way to Give Your Bearded Dragon a Bath | Big Al’s – YouTube

Can bearded dragons have lambs lettuce?

Like all reptiles that eat insects and plants, bearded dragons are vulnerable to Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). … Ensure your dragon is getting enough calcium by feeding it plenty of green leafy vegetables. Spring greens, lamb’s lettuce and Timothy Hay are particularly good sources.

Can bearded dragons eat Silverbeet?

Vegetables To Avoid

These vegetables are lettuce, spinach, beets, and Swiss chard. … Spinach, beet greens, and Swiss chard contain a calcium-binding chemical that can prevent bearded dragons from metabolizing calcium. This can lead to Metabolic Bone Disease even when the bearded dragon is given a good source of calcium.

Can bearded dragons eat rocket?

Bearded dragons can eat arugula or rocket even as a staple diet when they young.

Can bearded dragons eat pomegranate?

It’s safe to share pomegranate with your bearded dragon, but only sparingly. There is a moderate level of oxalates in pomegranate which, over time, is harmful to bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat avocado?

So the fat in avocados definitely makes this food a very unwise and unnecessary choice for your bearded dragon’s diet. Lots of oxalic acid. Avocados are also high in oxalic acid (you may have also heard it called oxalates).

Can bearded dragons have peaches?

Luckily for bearded dragons, peaches are not considered a high-sugar fruit. So bearded dragons can eat more peaches than, say, kiwi, which contains quite a bit of sugar. Overall, peaches are an excellent choice for bearded dragons as a healthy and delicious salad topper or treat.